Accommodation and food along the way

After a hard day on the water, you are sure to appreciate the service we provide along the way.

Käringsund Resort​

A full-service holiday village with a wide range of accommodation, food, activities, and attractions for visitors of all ages! You can choose to start your journey in Käringsund. If you do, you can order a packed lunch or snack for the first part of your trip. You can also rent a kayak or return the one you already rented.


This tourist destination is located on the peninsula of the idyllic village of Skarpnåtö; the width of the peninsula from shore to shore is 500 metres. If you are looking for peace in a beautiful environment, this is the place to be: rich flora, swimming opportunities and waters with plenty of fish. We do not offer meals, but if you have bought food along the way you can rent our cottages with amenities. If you prefer simpler accommodation, you can book a cottage just for sleeping.


Taking a break from paddling? Take a guided trip to the Sälskär lighthouse island.


Hamnsundet is an authentic, cosy archipelago village near the Boxö and Länsmansgrund nature reserves where you can fish and spend time in the outdoor café. Here you will find rental cottages, B&Bs, a ferry sauna, fresh smoked fish or an archipelago dinner with personal service.


Sandösund Resort offers accommodation and restaurant services. There is also a beach sauna, DiscGolfPark and FlowPark climbing adventure park.


The former coast guard station now houses a self-service B&B, the most well-known restaurant in the archipelago, a sauna ferry, an observation tower, and a beautiful nature trail.


Lappo, an authentic archipelago village with everything you need: B&B, restaurant, shop, 18-basket disc golf course, nature trail and archipelago museum.


Jurmo offers a restaurant and B&B, and there is also instruction on plants and insects, as well as a nature trail and highland cattle to see. There is also a shop open during the summer.