Renting equipment and hiring a guide

Renting equipment

Standard kayaks are available for renting along the Norrhavs route, both in the east and the west: Käringsundet ( and Jurmo ( The price in Käringsund is €30/day and in Jurmo it is €30/day, €95/week. The price includes a life jacket, paddle, and spray skirt. You can rent your kayak at the west end of the route and return it in the east, or vice versa.

Hiring a guide

If you want to rent a special kayak or equipment, we recommend that you have a look at The Paddle Shack’s website ( where you can also hire a trained guide.

We recommend a distance of 20–30 km/day, depending on the weather conditions, which can be difficult in northern Åland and Teili. You are an experienced kayaker, though, so you can decide on the distance you paddle based on your knowledge and experience. On a difficult day, you might like to take a shorter trip and return to camp in the evening for the night, or maybe you would rather spend the whole day ashore enjoying the surrounding nature.